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Is your child struggling, failing or not maximising their English Language results?


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Unlock Your Child's A STAR Potential & See Their Marks Skyrocket with this Proven English Language Learning Technique 

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🌟 Conducted by Former MOE Teacher & Master Trainer, Suria Sparks

By Former MOE teacher SURIA SPARKS

🌟 Former MOE NIE Teacher

🌟 20 Years Experience in the Education Industry

🌟 Expert Distinction Maker

🌟 Trained Over 6000 Teachers, Parents & Students in Singapore & Globally

🌟 Helps Average or Failing Students SCORE Top Marks & Distinctions

🌟 Author of Anthology "Amazing Grades, 101 Ways to help Your Child Score"

Does this sound like you?

➡️ Your child is smart, but unmotivated to study 

➡️ Your child is rebellious, rude or refuses to listen to you

➡️ Your child is distant, keeps to themselves, and no longer talks to you

➡️ You're getting complaints from teachers in school about their behaviour 

➡️ Your child's results are sliding down and they show disinterest in their studies 

➡️ You feel frustrated, helpless, and don't know how to deal with the situation anymore

➡️ Your child hates studying English or other subjects

➡️ You've been spending lots of money on tuition yet with little to no improvements

➡️ Your child suffers from low motivation & lack of self confidence

Dear Parents... 

Over the past 20 years coaching 6000 students in Singapore and around the world, I have discovered the reasons why students do poorly or fail in their English exams.

The problem is not your child's inability to do well in English...

But rather, the lack of Proper English Language Techniques.

➡️ Did you know that failure to organize thoughts can lead to a poor essay grade?

➡️ Did you know that the inability to master vocabulary leads to poor comprehension and reduced grades for comprehension? 

➡️ Did you know that more than 90% of students do not have a systematic study technique when studying English, and that assessment papers alone are not enough?

➡️ Did you know that Summary Writing is where most students lose out their marks, as they do not understand the passage they have read and therefore fail to summarize it?

➡️ PLUS, lack of reading among today's children and teenagers contributes to why they do poorly in English!

According to National Reading Habits statistics, only 32% of teenagers read a book more than once a week!

To SCORE in English, your child needs to upgrade from these basic skills in:



Oral communication



Sentence structure

Imagine this...

It is the English Examination...

Your child stares blankly at the comprehension paper...

Your child:

🔺 Does not understand the passage

🔺 Does not understand the meanings of the words used

🔺 Cannot answer the questions

🔺 Cannot summarize the passage

Final results? Poor Marks or Fail.

Simply Mastering Comprehension Techniques can make a HUGE difference in your child's English Language results!

Imagine if your child mastered not only comprehension, but all the other ESSENTIAL SKILLS to overcome their English Language weaknesses...

Imagine your child...

Improving and progressing to SCORE distinction for English

Being equipped with techniques that help to improve their overall marks in school

Using proven methods that have been used for over 20 years to help students skyrocket their English marks and DIRECTLY support other English-based subjects

Do you want your child to fall behind with their English Language Skills and lose out later in life?


Do you want your child to MASTER English as a SKILL they can use throughout their life, regardless of what academic or career path they choose?

As an educator and parent of 2 children, now teenagers, who are both extremely successful in school and life,  pursuing what they love...

I created "Genius IQ SCORE DISTINCTION", a technique-based program that has helped 6000+ students excel and score in school & in LIFE!

Genius IQ is the ONLY program in Singapore that offers 3 in 1:

1) Motivation & Confidence Booster

2) Study Skills & Exam Smart Techniques

3) POWER Exam Revision

Suria's two teenagers

"Throwback to the very 1st time my son got to go on stage for any award ever. "

The year before, at P4 my son came in last 3 in class. As a mom my heart was crushed. Yes... academics is not everything but still when your son comes home with his school record book with such results, one wouldn't exactly jump for joy would you?

I found GIQ, short for Genius IQ Positive Parenting a few months after thru FB as I was scrolling looking for courses for him and it was also my very 1st encounter with Suria Sparks. Truthfully, I was excited after the preview but I was also 50-50 convinced, but as a mom, I had to find a solution.

I signed up for the full bootcamp and attended it with my son. His marks improved by leaps and bounds. Getting him to study got easier. I picked up tips on parenting and nutrition that has proved beneficial till today.

Her perseverance and dedication has paid off. She has trained so many of us, parents and children and some of the parents have in turn become her in house trainers. That is Suria for you. Her drive to keep doing what she does is admirable. " 

~ Nura Mohamed

"My daughter has successfully gotten into Triple Science stream classes for Sec 3!"

"Not an easy feat by any standard based on my understanding Pre-GIQ (Genius IQ) state of my child.

However, something clicked Post-GIQ (Genius IQ) . Her focus and learning accelerated!"

~Tony Lee

"The program is truly fun, exciting and warm hearted.

It is really joyful to see my son regaining his self confidence again.

Watching him apply the memorising technique and loving the success he is experiencing makes me the proudest mum ever."

~ Chrisco Neo

Lower & Upper Primary & Secondary

The only program in Singapore that offers 3 in 1:

🌟1) Motivation & Confidence Booster

🌟2) Study Skills & Exam Smart Techniques

🌟3) POWER Exam Revision

$40/hr, 1.5 hours per week

$240 for 4 sessions, payable in advance

Small Group, Online or Live

Max 5 students per online session via Zoom

Max 5 students per live session, venue is 5 mins from Simei MRT

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